Discount Code Centre

Hey there. Here you can find list of Brands for which we affiliated to and their discount codes. ☺️

If you are from any brand and would like to add yours here, please ping in whatsapp.



Dabble Play Art - Crayons and Finger Paints

Started by Mom's, Dabble makes child safe art products, with earth friendly ingredients that are toxins free. Helping children explore and imagine while Playing with art.

Discount code: DM25


SuperBottoms - Baby Cloth Diapers

If you are new to Superbottoms or would like to introduce Superbottoms Cloth Diapers to your friends/relatives, please ping and get your discount codes. Applicable on individual products as well as Bundle packs.

We will guide you to use Cloth Diapers too.


Avni - Women Menstrual Products

Code : avnianusha12

(12% Discount code, can be clubbed with any ongoing offers too) 

AVNI aim to bring eco-conscious alternatives for everyday single use items in hope to reduce the tremendous negative impact we have on the earth., Products available are menstrual pads and cups.