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Story Books for Kids - Classic Stories (Illustrated) (Set of 10 Books)

Story Books for Kids - Classic Stories (Illustrated) (Set of 10 Books)

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Reading opens the mind to a world of fantasy and creativity. Thus, it is never too late to introduce kids to the world of stories. This set comprises ten evergreen stories that have been retold over generations. These classic moral tales have never failed to create an everlasting impact on kids while also teaching them about kindness, hard work, friendship, common sense, wisdom, deceit, lies and more. Narrated in simple language with large fonts, each story has colourful illustrations to engage kids as they learn good behaviour and improve communication skills. Let imagination ignite in tender minds as they read “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” “The Fox and the Raven,” “The Monkey and the Crocodile,” “The Turtle and the Swans,” “The Fox and the Stork” and other exciting stories.

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