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Telugu - Read Aloud - Pratham Combo

Telugu - Read Aloud - Pratham Combo

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Combo of 7 Level 2 Pratham Books in Telugu.

Lenny and Tweek wanted a Friend - Who cheers you up when you feel lonely? A good friend! But sometimes you take time to find a real friend. Read this sweet story about real friends.

Listen to my Body - Each of us has a wonderful body. But have you ever listened to what it tells you?

Little Bird Learns to Fly - Read this fairy tale about a little bird who thinks she will never learn to fly

Little by Little - Story of two Brilliant Rabbits and how they escaped from a Pack of Wolves.

Mr.Anand Has an Adventure - MrAnand loves to go walking in new places. Every outing is an adventure to him. This time he thinks he has learnt a new language. Do you also think so?

Veeru goes to the Circus - Veeru comes back from the Jumbo-Mumbo Circus with some very big ideas. Find out what happens in this tale.

What does Anu See? - Anu sees many lovely things around her. Do you see them too ?

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