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Learn while you Read - Combo - 7Books - Level2 - Pratham

Learn while you Read - Combo - 7Books - Level2 - Pratham

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This Fantastic Combo consists of 7 Level2 Books from Pratham.

How to Catch the Wind - What do wings, kites and a wind turbine's blades all have in common? Each one's motion is powered by the wind

Look Up - Birds and bats. Kites and planes. How often do you explore the incredible world above us. Get ready to spot the odd ones out in this wonderful book of patterns. 

Tell me What is a Drone - A drone flies. It takes photographs, saves wildlife and can rescue people during an earthquake. Would you like to meet a drone? 

Hungry on the steps - Pranav is hungry. As he climbs up the steps to his house slowly, many others join the line behind him. Who can make him run up the steps

Everything is upside down - Nita's hanging upside down, her long hair tickling at the ground. The trees, the grass, the everything. is all the wrong way round.

Lenins guest - Lenin makes juice for two unexpected guests on a hot summer day. Maybe you can help him serve them

Lets make some lime juice - Eight children are playing in the hot sun. They want to make a jug of lime juice from the recipe Raju Uncle gives them. How do they measure out the ingredients? How do they divide the drink equally? The concept of fractions is introduced using a yummy recipe!


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