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Thottachinungi Ilavarasi

Thottachinungi Ilavarasi

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new Paperback.

Kundhavai, our little princess is a bundle of energy, radiating cuteness and bubbliness wherever she goes. However, she faces challenges when the people in the kingdom gave her a special nickname, "Thottachinungi Ilavarasi", which represents her struggle with regulating her emotions.


In this heartwarming anecdote, you will discover the significance of this nickname and join Kundhavai on her journey of overcoming it. Through eye-catching illustrations and an intriguing storyline, you will witness her growth, resilience, and the power of self-discovery.


"Thottachinungi Ilavarasi”, is a book that not only entertains but also teaches valuable lessons about emotional intelligence and self-acceptance. It is a perfect read for children and adults alike, as it reminds us all of the importance of understanding and managing our emotions.

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